As per Gartner’s reports, IT spendings in 2016 has been at a whopping $3.5 Trillion.
It’s hard to imagine insurance and technology in one frame. When you think of insurance industry you think of more traditional business models. You imagine a middle agent and piles of paperwork. Global trends however are quick to break this image, calling Insurance companies to be slowly becoming tech companies that sell insurance. Global Data Management Inc. works with leading insurance companies and is a provider of SME’s in the industry. Technology is changing at such a that most companies are finding it hard to keep pace. The day is not far when software intelligence, digital, analytics, and cloud will be running every aspect of insurance from infrastructure to operations. We understand the importance of artificial intelligence, cyber insurance, commercial lines, claims management and risk & regulatory compliance. Global Data Management Inc. is helping the insurance industry to build solutions, making providers tech-savvy, giving companies competitive advantage to grow in the digital market and helping to reduce inherent bottom-line risks.