A Compound annual growth rate of 21.95 percent is predicted for spending in healthcare cloud computing between now and 2019  – MedGadget
When you think of healthcare you think of innovation-and technology is helping this industry reach newer heights. Think of mobile stroke units, wireless sensors, genome sequencing or imaging to be readily available, integrated with all the traditional medical data and constantly updated. The need for cloud systems, cyber security, digital diagnostics and thoughtful uses of health informatics is ever growing. IT spending in healthcare is on the rise, growing fast towards 2020, outpacing many industries when it comes to investing in IT, market research and advanced computing solutions. Since 2012 Global Data Management Inc. has been working closely with health care providers we understand their business needs to provide them the most scalable and efficient solutions possible. As an industry expert in Big Data technologies, Global Data Management Inc. helps the health care industry analyze and manage high volumes of critical data to drive actionable business intelligence.